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XYK - Genesis

XYK - Genesis        on Clubstream orange

release code: cluborange46
release date: 2016-10-07

Swedish born Tim Widgar is the face (noface?) behind producer artist XYK, now widely regarded as one of Sweden’s “most promising electronic music talents” Brogue Magazine. Recently back in his native Stockholm after a long time thriving spell in the United Kingdom, where his last release? a bass heavy remix for Hello Beddo, reached #TopTen on Beatports DnB chart. Now XYK introduces us to a crisp and contemporary style of drum & bass, together with Scandinavian perfection and British soul he delivers a well awaited debutalbum. With support from some great guest artists, all the way from LA, to Brighton, to Stockholm, this album might just be the barrierbreaking album that many have been waiting for. We all know it take a great amount of time and work to make an album, but to make a great album takes creative talent and stubborn professionalism. This Genesis album will take you on a journey between genres and techniques but will never loose you. XYK’s debutalbum is a showcase of h

1. Wake Up (feat. PEN) [Extended Mix] (05:36)
2. III Digger (04:47)
3. Sway (feat. S.R.) (05:24)
4. Erp (04:36)
5. Om du (04:21)
6. Definition (01:03)
7. Insip Hip (feat. Mr Science) (03:47)
8. Your Presence (05:18)
9. Easier (feat. Tara Vowles) (06:01)
10. Slow Journey (03:50)
11. Dono (feat. Tom Webb) (06:25)
12. Subsistence (04:33)

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Silvester- Rating 4/5