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Serpenti - Dizzy Remixes

Serpenti - Dizzy Remixes        on Clubstream uberstrom

release code: uber6
release date: 2014-06-09

We're happy to offer four excellent new remixes of Italian electro-pop band Serpenti's recent single. Featuring flavors of bass culture, electro jazz and house, Jasinski, Digitalb@t, 1GiantShadow and Digital Convolution have each produced remixes that put the original track into a completely different context. Enjoy and don't forget to check out the original mix from Serpenti's new album Cyclone!

1. Dizzy (Digitalbat Remix) (06:03)
2. Dizzy (Jasinski Remix) (04:12)
3. Dizzy (Digital Convolution Remix) (03:26)
4. Dizzy (1GiantShadow Remix) (04:10)

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