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Sosa Ibiza & Mr Wox - Sepultura EP

Sosa Ibiza & Mr Wox - Sepultura EP        on Clubstream baptism

release code: BAP030
release date: 2016-09-30

Sosa Ibiza has joined forces with Mr Wox for this sick techno 4-tracker. The EP balances a minimalistic, percussive production with a powerful low-end in a classic, old-school techno format. A touch of the 'Baptism darkness' is there as always!

1. Kontractual (05:34)
2. The Kinder (06:14)
3. Piconer (06:53)
4. Konnection (06:54)

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Gerardo Cinquegrana (Tali Freaks - Tirrenia Vibe)- cool :)