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Baptism Records

Baptism Records is an imprint born from a love of electronic music, pure and simple. Mixing up productions from established names and newbies alike, we focus on quality above all. Our releases so far include tracks and remixes by artists such as Phunk Investigation, Stefano Noferini, Spektre, Alex D’Elia & Nihil Young, Kernel Key, Tesla, Beltek, Alex Di Stefano, Lützenkirchen… The list goes on and on. Originally founded in the UK, Baptism Records was in 2014 brought in under the Substream Music Group of Gothenburg Sweden, under the A&R supervision of Baptism artist Hakan Ludvigson. With a sincere promise to remain true to the Mission you can count on us to deliver the steady flow of powerful, quality techno that your soul needs.

We baptize you in the name of good music, and of good vibes, and of TECHNO….AMEN!