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Ludvigson - Into the Night        on Clubstream IIVII

Ludvigson - Into the Night

release code: IC005
release date: 2018-04-13

Humming and buzzing becomes its own quiet. The murmurs, the creaks, the stones shifting, the chatters and the odd twist of a branch - everything is heard but all of it is mediated to the point that there can be space for isolation even in a place designed to utilise each and every space. These gaps permeate the experiences of a heart in a city.

1. Into the Night (08:45)

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Ecki Stieg- Thanks
Naohiro Tomisawa - A New Path to the Terrans        on Clubstream IIVII

Naohiro Tomisawa - A New Path to the Terrans

release code: IC004
release date: 2017-12-15

New paths extend before us and we look forth believing that the ground has been tread - these new paths have been tread, they seem so familiar because we revisit them often, we mark the ground often because we go back on ourselves, we try to make sense of the path without ever fully committing to it. And so, yet again without commitment we wander around again.

1. Sunday Morning (12:28)
2. Transport (13:31)
3. Nine Rooms (13:36)

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Dim4 - Warm Echo        on Clubstream IIVII

Dim4 - Warm Echo

release code: IC003
release date: 2017-11-17

Familiarity again but there is a distance. The familiar manifests as the lower end of the sonic spectrum and throbs across this distance and ensnares its captive listener. Memory jacks and its workings remind one of origins - we are trapped with the past and in this we are reminded of this distance, it is everything we know but it is no longer relevant to where we need to go.

1. Jade Citrus Mint (08:35)
2. Warm Echo (06:46)
3. Time Code (07:28)
4. Warm Echo (Joe Gigs Remix) (07:06)

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Mechanist - at once apart, but present, and differing        on Clubstream IIVII

Mechanist - at once apart, but present, and differing

release code: IC002
release date: 2017-10-27

Presently differing, separation demarcating the slowly manifesting sovereignty of the individual actively participating in the displacement of the individual in seeking the unknown. There is no proper body, only ever the reconstruction of parts into an amalgam, “there is no “proper body,” just a reconstruction[...]corpus is never properly me”, and yet it is only me, but me is inescapable, indeterminable. ‘Me’ never properly existed, so ‘I’ could never be myself.

1. Distant (Repetition) (07:16)
2. Kon (11:40)
3. Tricorn (08:13)

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Substak- No words to describe this ep
Naohiro Tomisawa - The Golden Verses        on Clubstream IIVII

Naohiro Tomisawa - The Golden Verses

release code: IC001
release date: 2017-10-06

A breath of fresh air yet strangely familiar. Everything new is familiar. Even if there is no obvious source or origin, everything extends and reflexes itself, otherworldly like a cloud, oppressive like a wave, and just as clouds dissipate and break, waves recede.

1. Hidden Sectors (10:06)
2. Psalms (07:10)
3. Gravitational Tide (08:15)

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Substak- Gravitational Tide for sure...
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